Sowing Happiness

True happiness starts with a relationship with Jesus. It is sustained by following His Word faithfully. Happiness overflows into the world when we daily sow seeds of an authentic relational lifestyle.

These seeds of genuine Kingdom living are essentially cultivated by us as we listen to the whispers of the Holy Spirit in our daily circumstances.  Someone wise put together their top 10 whispers, which will be a useful guide to us as we cultivate habits of happiness in our day-to-day living:

  1. Give something away (no strings attached)
  2. Do a kindness (and forget it)
  3. Spend a few minutes with the aged (their experience is a priceless guidance)
  4. Look intently into the face of a baby (and marvel)
  5. Laugh often (it’s life’s lubricant)
  6. Give thanks (a thousand times a day is not enough)
  7. Pray (or you will lose the way)
  8. Work (with vim and vigor)
  9. Plan as though you’ll live forever (because you will)
  10. Live as though you’ll die tomorrow (because you will on some tomorrow)
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