Choose To Forgive – To Love Like God Does

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you [Eph 4:32]

We have done nothing to deserve the forgiveness God so freely lavishes upon us. God offers us forgiveness because he is love – it is his very nature to love. And as Jesus demonstrated through his death, love forgives. Jesus modeled forgiveness by laying down his life for you and me. The only way we are able to forgive others is if, like Jesus, we die to our own rights for the sake of the person who has wronged us.

Think about your own life for a moment. Who in your life do you feel has wronged you? It could be a small offence or a life-altering sin committed against you. Perhaps you were abandoned or abused by a parent or someone else you trusted. Or could be you were betrayed by a trusted friend, or someone spread untrue rumours or gossip behind your back. Maybe it was a harsh or cruel word someone spoke against you that has hurt you deeply. Look around you – about every person you see has been there…felt that – our world is filled with hurting people.

God weeps over your hurt. He knows your pain because people wrong him every minute of every day. Still he chooses to forgive because there is no love without forgiveness. We aren’t called to forgive because someone deserves it. We forgive because love requires it. Choose love today – choose to be like your heavenly Father and forgive those who have wronged you. God’s Spirit will give you the strength and courage to do the impossible. A spirit of forgiveness is an essential piece of equipment you will need along the journey to life in all its fullness.

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