More Precious Than Rubies

It is so powerful that God’s Word calls women more precious than rubies.

“….who can find a virtuous and capable wife ? She is more precious than rubies.” – Proverbs 31:10

What makes rubies precious ?

Rubies are loved because they are rare, expensive and unique. They have a beautiful red glow and the colour and brightness of a ruby makes them precious. The darker the shade of red, the more the worth.

What makes God’s woman more precious than rubies ?

The godly woman described in Proverbs 31 is priceless.

She is :    

  • Of noble character;
  • Trustworthy, wise, strong, diligent and dignified;
  • An excellent wife, mother and a homemaker;
  • A good manager, planner, investor and a first class business executive;
  • An accountant and a philanthropist !
  • Prudent and ever ready for action like a soldier;
  • Truly a blessed woman who fears the Lord.

Rare qualities indeed !

A woman of God is more precious than rubies because she is her creator’s masterpiece. Her calling is unique and as she grows in faith and matures she shines like a ruby and the glow gives off more light. No matter where God places her she sparkles, stands out in her passion and love of God and everyone adores her.

When we truly live out the faith God has so graciously given us, we can shine like rubies.

We are more precious than rubies because Jesus paid the price for us !

Today, the devil may be keeping some of you from feeling like a ruby. You are a ruby in Christ ! Loved and cherished forever ! Dont settle for anything less.

May God’s presence and His Word refresh us this morning and help us to discover the incredible worth we have in Christ. May we rise up to our full potential and sparkle for Him and make an impact on generation now !

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