Are You All Set For Christmas?

It is almost Christmas… less than two days left!! Most people are running through their check-lists… house painted? New curtains/bedsheets? Decorations and lights? Special food items? Cakes for the home and to distribute? New clothes for the whole family? Greeting cards? Gifts for family and friends from… All done? Sure?
Where are you spending Christmas this year? Everyone in my family is coming to our house for Christmas. We have recently finished remodeling our home into a smart home and I cannot wait for everyone to see the results. I absolutely love technology so turning our home into a smart home has been an amazing process. Whilst we were remodelling, one of my friends suggested that we consider using one of our spare rooms to create a cinema room. She told me that building a home theater system in one of those rooms would be extremely beneficial and would probably add some value onto the house if we ever wanted to sell it. Our family does love movie nights, so it might be a nice idea. Perhaps we’ll look into that idea a little bit more, it would be so nice to watch some Christmas movies in a home cinema room.
We have even installed a brand new home security system and I am so excited to start using it. To be honest, we had been thinking about installing some new CCTV cameras and alarms around our home for some time now to make sure that our property is as safe as possible. We were actually inspired to improve our home security system after speaking to our friends. They have just purchased some Verisure Smart Alarms as they work from home and therefore protecting their equipment is crucial. You can never be too careful after all.
In addition, we recently bought a home warranty plan so that if anything went wrong with the electrics or anything else during the holidays and in the future, we could get someone called out to fix it or replace it straight away meaning that the fun never stops and the house is safe! Places like First American offer home warranty texas, florida, arizona, and many other states, so that you can ensure that your home is covered this Christmas.
Is your home a smart home? Get in touch if so as I would love to hear about the steps that you have taken to protect your home. One last thing though… what gift have you got for Jesus this Christmas? It is Jesus’ birthday that is being celebrated! In all of our preparations and planning… what gift will be perfect for Jesus? May the lyrics of this song help you decide your gift for Jesus this Christmas…

What I have to give to You cannot be bought or sold
It can’t be wrapped up in a box or tied with strings of gold
It isn’t perfect and You’ll see It isn’t even new
But Jesus, it’s the only treasure I can give to You
Me, My gift is Me all I am and all I’ll ever be
I’m not ashamed for the world to see that it’s Me, My gift is Me
Jesus You’re the greatest gift The world will ever know
Coming down from heaven Just to live Your Love below
With all that You have done for Me The least that I can do
Is give all that I know of Me To all I know of You
Me, My gift is Me All I am and all I’ll ever be
I’m not ashamed for the world to see That it’s Me, My gift is Me
Of all the gifts man could give It’s nice to know
That I can give His favorite gift The one that thrills Him so
Me, My gift is Me All I am and all I’ll ever be
I’m not ashamed for the world to see That it’s Me, My gift is Me
Each life dedicated to Jesus will make Christmas… a real Merry Christmas!
Wishing you and your family… a Merry Christmas!
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