When Jesus walked this earth, one time he asked his disciples this question: Who do people say the Son of Man is? The disciples gave their answers but the one that Jesus commented about was Peter’s answer…Peter said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” (Matthew 16:16).

When Peter called Jesus “THE CHRIST,” he was calling Jesus, “the Messiah.” All Israel was looking for the Messiah, i.e., the Deliverer who would defeat the Romans and drive them out…the nation of Israel wanted a Deliverer like David who would drive out the heathen and rule over them.

The title Christ, or Messiah, means “the anointed One.”

In Old Testament times there were three public offices into which someone might be anointed: prophet, priest and king. As the anointed of God, Jesus is all three.

(a) As Prophet, He reveals to us the will of God for our salvation.

(b) As Priest He offers Himself as the sacrifice for sins, making continual prayers on our behalf.

(c) As King He rules us and defends us from the enemy.

God revealed the importance of prophecy: to build faith in him alone (Isaiah 48:3,5). According to prophet Isaiah, Jesus’ first coming, He was the Savior who suffered and died for man’s sin; but in the second coming, He will be the victorious and conquering King, our Prince of Peace.

We should remind ourselves each day the coming of Jesus did not only bring hope to the world but changed our lives. Indeed, Jesus is our Messiah and Lord of all!

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