We learn from the Book of Acts (chapter 8) that as a result of the powerful witnessing of God’s people and of the Spirit led walks and preaching of Philip there was a three fold blessing in that city:

  • The demon-possessed were delivered
  • Many people were healed
  • Many souls were saved.

No wonder there was great joy throughout the city of Samaria. What a happy city it must have been when it was full of men and women healed, saved, transformed and rejoicing in God !

This is our desire and prayer for the city .. “ Your Kingdom come “..  so that there may be great joy in the city. This morning let us, allow the Holy Spirit to do a deep work in our hearts that each one of us will be challenged to spread the joy of the Lord across the length and breadth of our beloved city with our:

  • Words (Declaration)
  • Works (Demonstration)
  • Walks (Dedication)

Through the blessing of the upright a city is exalted….[Proverbs 11:11]

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