The Joy of Living Life God’s Way

Has anyone ever mimicked you or imitated you… maybe your sibling, a friend, a colleague or even a child?!! Do you remember the first time it happened? The shock and surprise…embarrassment!

I surely do remember the first time a teen mimicked me when I was a teenager! I was so shocked! I could actually feel my ears and face flush red…I vehemently denied it but it only made the others laugh even louder and my poor friends later tried to convince me that, that’s how I did behave! For days, I kept thinking and observing my behavior very closely….and finally I had to admit that, yes, I did behave that way… somewhere I had picked up that behaviour pattern and it had become a habit!!

Over the years, I have come to realize that throughout our lives, we are constantly developing habits – good habits and bad habits!  Consciously or subconsciously, we are regularly liking some behavior patterns or trends and are applying them in our lives! Soon they become a part of us, our nature/behaviour, the way we run our lives…our daily habits!

Some habits, may have a lesser impact. They may or may not impact our lives negatively. For example, our pronunciations, our postures, etc. Some habits may have a larger impact on our lives. For example, our behavior patterns, our attitudes, etc. Jesus constantly keeps reminding me of some very critical habits that I must develop and maintain throughout my life if I want to make the most of my life. Today, I would like to share these with you.

• To look at ALL situations and people through His eyes. Isa. 55:8-11. Instead of asking ‘why?’ or ‘how could this happen?’ Jesus keeps teaching me to constantly remind myself that our ways are not His ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts! He says, ‘Trust Me, I know what I AM doing!’

• To hold everything and everyone in this world loosely. Job 1:21. The realization that nothing in this world is really mine to keep is surely a tough habit to develop! By nature almost all of us are collectors… we love to gather, collect, keep things or declare that he or she is mine! Every time we have a baby dedication, I am strongly reminded of this. We are just entrusted with the responsibility of taking very good care of all that we are given for a time. Everything and everyone is owned by God and He is so good and gracious to give us this privilege of taking care of His people and His things/creation for Him!

Life takes on a different perspective when we make these two principles a habit in our lives! We will then truly have the joy of living life God’s way.

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