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Has anyone ever mimicked you or imitated you… maybe your sibling, a friend, a colleague or even a child?!! Do you remember the first time it happened? The shock and surprise…embarrassment!

I surely do remember the first time a teen mimicked me when I was a teenager! I was so shocked! I could actually feel my ears and face flush red…I vehemently denied it but it only made the others laugh even louder and my poor friends later tried to convince me that, that’s how I did behave! For days, I kept thinking and observing my behavior very closely….and finally I had to admit that, yes, I did behave that way… somewhere I had picked up that behaviour pattern and it had become a habit!! Read more

We learn from the Book of Acts (chapter 8) that as a result of the powerful witnessing of God’s people and of the Spirit led walks and preaching of Philip there was a three fold blessing in that city:

  • The demon-possessed were delivered
  • Many people were healed
  • Many souls were saved.

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